How new building technologies bring to life a local narrative: EDISON Student Residence, a Case Study

Edison Student Residence is located in the epicentre of Montreal student life, adjacent to McGill University. The site endured a fire, which flattened the existing 19th century historic stone house, representing one of many narrative layers embedded in the land.
The site’s historical context became the primary inspiration for the urban renewal project, which lead to the exploration of an innovative concrete fabrication technique: photoengraved concrete panels that enabled the building to bring to life a 1901 Thomas Edison motion picture. The project encapsulates an architecture that heightens intellectual and perceptual experiences of passers, by stimulating connections with our heritage.

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2017: 1:30pm - 3:00pm
1.5 Structured/Core AIA LU
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Session Speaker(s)

Rami Bebawi, M. Arch, Bsc (Arch), Architect OAQ, MRAIC, RBQ

Cofounder, KANVA

Rami Bebawi, cofounder of the firm KANVA, has become a leading figure in the contemporary architecture scene of Montreal. His unique background, multidisciplinary approach to design and his visionary creativity has earned many distinctions, publications and awards. Mr. Bebawi participates in the academic environment, mentoring Master students and critiquing presentations, while also engaging in design conferences, festivals and outreach programs.

Tudor Radulescu, M. Arch, Bsc (Arch), OAQ, MRAIC, LEED AP

Cofounder, KANVA

Cofounder of the firm KANVA, Tudor Radulescu is recognized for his a critical approach, analytical problem-solving skills, and a unique ability to translate an idea into built form. He has managed a diverse range of projects that all place an emphasis on innovation and challenging conventional norms, which has resulted in numerous awards, publications and international exposure.

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