Many Norths: Spatial Practice in a Polar Territory

Existence in the Arctic has been formed through the interplay of various pressures that have acted together to enable survival against extreme conditions. Canada’s North demonstrates a history of innovation and adaptation,
coupled with numerous infrastructure systems that have come about in enabling unique solutions in a northern context. Our many norths represent an intersection of numerous competing relationships – architecture, infrastructure, culture and geography - that all register a spatial expression on the northern landscape. How to better understand this complex region and envision futures that reconcile development with traditional living patterns and fragile ecosystems will be amongst the key questions of the 21st century.
Many Norths argues for an expanded understanding of context as catalysts for architecture, landscape and urban design, through an interrogation across geographic scales, so that Arctic settlements might respond more directly to the exigencies of climate and geography, as well as ever-increasing global pressures.

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Friday, May 26th, 2017: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
1.5 Structured/Core AIA LU
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Lola Sheppard, OAA, OAQ

Partner, Lateral Office and Associate Professor at University of Waterloo

Lola SHEPPARD received her Bachelor of Architecture from McGill University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design. She is Associate Professor and Associate Director at the University of Waterloo, and together with Mason White founded Lateral Office in 2003. Lateral Office’s work has been exhibited and presented across the USA, Canada and Europe. Lateral Office was awarded a Special Mention at the 2014 Venice Biennale for Architecture, a PA award in 2013 and the Holcim Gold for Sustainable Construction for North America, for their project Arctic Food Network. They received the Emerging Voices from the Architectural League of New York in 2011, and the 2010 Professional Prix de Rome from the Canada Council for the Arts for their project Emergent North. Lateral Office are the authors of the upcoming book Many Norths: Spatial Practice in a Polar Territory (Actar 2016).

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