The Benefits of Wind and Climate to Architectural Design

Today a great deal is known about how wind affects and interacts with buildings and the immediate surroundings. In most cases, wind-related issues are considered late in the design process rather than early consideration of how wind might be used to benefit the local microclimate or understand the impact of wind on the enjoyment and cost of a project. Wind engineering offers architectural design teams a number of benefits and can help shape features of a building to achieve architectural goals. Wind engineers also interact with design professionals to minimize wind's impact on the structural system, building envelope, mechanical system and the surrounding landscape.

The session will provide an overview of wind engineering and its role in architectural design. Participants in the session will learn general principles about wind flow around buildings and how wind can be engineered to benefit buildings.

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Friday, May 26th, 2017: 2:00pm - 5:30pm
3.0 Structured/Core AIA LU HSW
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British Columbia


Guy Larose, PEng

Technical Director, Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc.

Guy Larose has worked around the globe to help people understand and respond to the effect of wind on the built environment. He has worked on large projects such as long-span bridges in Europe, environment saving projects like reducing drag on transport trucks, and even human-scale projects where Guy has helped Olympic athletes understand wind and climate and its impact on their performance. He is a Technical Director with RWDI, a global leader in climate engineering and building performance.

John Alberico, WELL AP

Principal, RWDI Consulting Engineers & Scientists

John is one of RWDI’s most experienced consultants, with a nearly thirty-year record of delivering high-performance buildings for residential developers; colleges and universities; healthcare; governments and public institutions; and public-private partnership projects. John is known for forming strong, highly functional links across project teams, enabling architects, engineers, planners and construction firms to deliver excellent, well-integrated projects.

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