Gradient Wind Engineering

Gradient Wind Engineering provides expertise in all aspects of wind engineering, structural vibrations, and acoustics.  Our services include wind loading of structures, cladding pressure studies, dynamic studies of tall buildings, aeroelastic studies of slender structures, snow loading of roofs, wind and snow effects on pedestrians, vibration assessments, and air pollution studies.  In addition, our services have been expanded to include environmental noise and indoor acoustic studies.  At GWE, we have assembled a strong team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated engineers, technologists, and support staff to deliver exceptional and timely services.

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24 au 27 mai 2017
Ottawa (Ontario)

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L'Institut royal d'architecture du Canada et l'Association des architectes de l'Ontario se sont associés pour présenter le Festival d'architecture 2017 du 24 au 27 mai 2017 à Ottawa.

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